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Smartphone Apps – Mobile-911

Mobile-911 is WIN-911’s latest add-on product for WIN-911/PRO. Built for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices, WIN-911’s smartphone apps use push notifications to alert users of new alarm events. Mobile-911 centralizes alarm messages and presents them in an easy to read format, enabling operation managers, field personnel and SCADA technicians to react quickly to alarm conditions.

Mobile-911’s Interactivity and Productivity

Interact with WIN-911 and your alarm messages in a more intuitive way. In addition to providing a better way to manage alarm messages, WIN-911’s smartphone apps allow you to send acknowledgments, request alarms and query WIN-411 reports all with the press of a single button. Based on WIN-911’s intelligent decision matrix, the smartphone app keeps your staff notified of important alerts as well as the actions being taken to respond to them. Should an alert not be acknowledged, the software keeps escalating the notification until it is addressed.

Features for Today’s Smartphones

Our programmers and engineers keep WIN-911’s mobile apps current with the latest versions of smartphone and tablet technology.


Apple iOS


Mobile-911 for Android supports Android Phones and Tablets running Android v2.1 and newer. Mobile-911 for Android also requires a WIN-911/PRO license. Mobile-911 is located on Google’s Play Store. Search “Mobile-911” on the Google Play Store to download and install the app. Mobile-911 for Apple iOS supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 4.0 and newer. Mobile-911 for iOS also requires a WIN-911/PRO license. Mobile-911 is located on Apple’s App Store. Search “Mobile-911” on the Apple App Store to download and install the app. Mobile-911 for BlackBerry supports BlackBerry Phones and Tablets running OS5, OS6 and OS7. Mobile-911 for BlackBerry also requires a WIN-911/PRO license.Mobile-911 is located on BlackBerry’s App World. Search “Mobile-911” on the BlackBerry App World to download and install the app.