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MOBILE-911: Mobile SCADA Alarm Notification for Smartphones and Tablets

Alarm Notification for Your Mobile Device

Mobile-911 provides mobile access to receive and respond to alarms from any A plant manager using a smartphone to acknowledge Mobile-911 SCADA alarm notificationslocation via push notification for smartphones and tablets. Built for Apple iOS, Android, and BlackBerry devices, WIN-911’s smartphone apps alert users of new alarm events, and provide response options that let operators step away from the control console with total confidence

As IIoT becomes more prevalent in industrial settings, and our world becomes increasingly more connected, Mobile-911 provides the bridge between mobile devices and major automation and SCADA systems to enhance plant safety, accelerate notification, and help reduce cost and risk to facilities.  Mobile-911 centralizes alarm messages and presents them in an easy to read format, enabling operation managers, field personnel and plant operators to react quickly to alarm conditionsClick here to try a live demo of Mobile-911.

Mobile-911’s Interactivity and Productivity

Interact with WIN-911 and your alarm messages in a more intuitive way. In addition to providing a better way to manage alarm messages, WIN-911’s smartphone apps allow you to send acknowledgments, request alarms and query reports all with the press of a single button. Based on WIN-911’s powerful logic engine, the smartphone app keeps your staff notified of important alerts as well as the actions being taken to respond to them. Should an alert not be acknowledged, the software keeps escalating the notification until it is addressed.

Infographic describing the push notification path for Mobile-911 remote SCADA alarm notification.

See what real users had to say about Mobile-911 Alarm Notification 

“App works great and pushes alarms well. Documentation on how to install is great, and phone tech support is great. Very satisfied as an end user.”

“ This speeds up problem resolution like never before. In my opinion using Mobile 911 is a more complete and satisfying approach to alarm notification.”

Features for Today’s Smartphones

Our team keeps Mobile-911 updated for the latest versions of smartphone and tablet technology.


Apple iOS



Mobile-911 for Android supports Android Phones and Tablets running Android v2.2 and newer*. Mobile-911 is located on Google’s Play Store. Search Mobile-911 on the Google Play Store to download and install the app.


Mobile-911 for Apple iOS supports iPhones and iPads running iOS 6.0 and newer*. Mobile-911 is located on Apple’s App Store. Search Mobile-911 on the Apple App Store to download and install the app.


Mobile-911 for BlackBerry supports BlackBerry Phones and Tablets running OS5, OS6 and OS7*. Mobile-911 is located on BlackBerry’s App World. Search Mobile-911 on the BlackBerry App World to download and install the app.

* Valid Win-911 software license required