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Deployed in over 18,000 facilities in 70 countries on 6 continents

Why Choose WIN-911?

World’s #1 IIoT and industrial alarm notification solution by market share

Direct connects for all leading SCADAs/HMIs including GE, Rockwell, Aveva, Wonderware

Multiple notification methods including, voice, email, text, and app on iOS and Android

Industry’s largest worldwide network of system integrators & distributors


“WIN-911 allows me to efficiently oversee my remote power generation plant. The system generates alarm notifications that allow us to respond to critical safety challenges and to proactively maintain equipment. We rely on it to keep the power plant up and running so that the mill operates smoothly.”
Daniel Perry
IT Manager, Bethel Mills Hydro Plant
“We’re importing our existing tags—that’s what is great about WIN-911, you can just import your alarm tags and don’t have to recreate your alarms—it’s easy to make the transition.”
AL Olivares
IT Lead, Nestle, Tulare CA
“We recently had to deal with a major wastewater lift station failure, where WIN-911 notified us of which of our 36 stations was in alarm and specified it was a power failure. This allowed our staff, while in route, to alert electric crews to also be in route to restore power. That’s a situation where direct notification of the location and exact problem prevented an overflow.”
Josh Becker
Utilities Director, City of Llano, TX

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